A complete solution for on-line, mobile and vending self-service ticketing. The solution includes both ticket issuing and ticket validation and is optimized for off-line applications such as train and bus use where network access is limited or not applicable. The solution includes user profiling, user rewards and coupon validation features.


Mobile ticketing can be used on multiple businesses and areas, and provides an easy, organised way for housing all coupons, tickets, boarding passes in one convintient place.


Mobile Ticketing is used extensively by transport authorities in areas like railways, airlines and cruise lines.

Mobile Ticketing provides practical solutions such as ticket issuing with self-service terminals capable of processing payments with credit card or mobile payment feature.

Hospitality & Tourism

Mobile Ticketing is used in hospitality industry to allow users make their reservations and check-in easily.

Hotels owners, museums, restaurants and other authorities in the Industry use mobile ticketing platforms as another sales channel.


Mobile Ticketing is used by venues, sports clubs, stadiums, concert and event planners to enable users purchase or book their tickets.

Mobile ticketing offers a secure way to provide tickets digitally signed and can add extra features such as vouchers and coupons to enhance customer loyalty  


A mobile ticketing system is actually a client-server system, consisting of an end-point device (client), a server, and a scanning device (validator) in a vehicle or on a gate. 



A transit app installed on an end-user's device or a vending machine,  

User initiates a ticket purchase request and sends it through a secure network to the Server for proceccing.  

When Server responds, the generated mobile ticket is either stored on the device for later (off-line) use or gets printed or is send to the email user provided during purchase.   



A secure environment which handles the payment process and generates a mobile ticket.

Server handles the payment process through a secure channel and generates the mobile ticket when payment completes successfully. It then returns the encrypted ticket to the client. 



A dedicated app installed on a device which reads the mobile ticket and makes a request to the server for validation.

When server finishes processing the request sends a response to the validator with the result.


The interactive mobile ticketing platform simply makes a smartphone into a ticket machine and opens up the ability to collect personalized information and enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Ticket Issuing

Mobile Ticket Platform can be integrated to a system to provide new ways to expand sales points and aquire new customers.

Issuing a ticket is extremely easy, Customer selects the trip and dates, provide required personal info and proceed to payment. Mobile payments, credit/ debit card payments and/or vending self-service machines can be provided.   

Off-line validation

Tickets can be validated either on-line or off-line depending on your needs.

This can be achived with the use of specialized applications that can be optimized to work off-line making mobileFX Ticketing Platform an ideal solution where network access is either limited or not applicable.  

Customer Loyalty

Additional features such as vouchers and coupons can be added to the system to increase customer loyalty.

Users can gain coupons or vouchers that can be used in later purchases, rewarding your customers for their loyalty. 

Secure Tickets

Mobile tickets are more secure than traditional paper-tickets. Each mobile ticket is digitally signed and is uniqely identified in the server, making it harder to be copied and preventing frauds,


Benefits of mobile ticketing in relation to the classical ticketing options


Customer Satisfaction

Mobile ticketing provides more convient ways for customers, travellers and passengers to pay and buy their tickets, while fullfilling everyone's daily requirements for practical solutions with every swipe. Smartphones have become a significant interactive technology medium in everyday life.  Users use their mobile phones to make purchases and keep their tickets organised.  By helping consumers save their time and reducing the stress levels associated with traveling, mobile ticketing solution leads to consumer satisfaction and retention.


Optimized to work Off-line

While booking a ticket or making a reservation must be made online, validation and verification can be optimized to work off-line.  This is extremely important in closed environments such as trains and underground transportation where network access is limited or no-applicable.  


Behavioral Patterns & Insights

Collecting real-time data, the authorities can discover statistically significant trends and behavioral patterns enabling them to discover and create new marketing opportunities directed to individual customer needs.


Environment Friendly

Mobile ticketing eliminate the need to print out high volumes of paper tickets, reducing paper utilization and costs. Encouraging passengers to go paperless is a great way to show that the transport authority is committed to being environmental friendly.


Low Capex Rollout

The capital expenditure for mobile ticketing is not significant compared to lost fare collection systems and can be scaled to meet authorities needs.  


Cost Reduction 

Mobile tickets reduce the production and distribution costs connected with traditional paper-based ticketing channels and assures huge reduction in the prices combined with handling cash.  Although cash handling is already covered by smart-card systems, moving to mobile ticketing, leads to a much faster time to market and removes the administrative overhead of creating and delivering plastic cards to customers, which in return reduces the overal costs.

By implementing a mobile ticketing solution on a large scale, transportation authorities can secure their position in today’s smartphone era and also retain and improve their ability to remain flexible with upcoming technological advancements.


Online booking systems make a huge impact on businesses, boosting their sales and symplifying the booking procees for both customers and staff.  .


Reservations are always available

Customers can make their reservations any time that fits their schedule, regardless of whether your business is closed for the day.  Studies have shown that immediate availabilty of products or services while shopping increases number of sales.


Faster and Easier Payments

Customers prepay for services or products during booking and they can visually check the correctness of the data entered.  


Minimize Workload

The demands of a phone-based booking systems require a member of the staff to constantly handle bookings.  Online booking systems automate a number of processes like checking availability, collecting customer information and updating availability after a reservation is completed, allowing staff to spend time in other important tasks. Additionaly, online bookig systems can help management to plan its resources more efficiently.


Simplified Booking Procedure

Online booking systems make a huge impact on businesses, boosting their sales and symplifying the booking procees for both customers and staff.  The demands of a phone-based booking system require a member of the staff to constantly handle bookings.  


Valuable Insights

Analytics can help businesses to get valuable insights about their services or products and make desicions to improve their business.  

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