Transform the way your customers travel into an exciting experience


An entertainment platform designed to serve off-line content over existing WiFi infrastructure to entertain passengers while traveling along with you.

Transform the way your customers travel into an exciting experience. 

Long trips, do not have to be boring!

The Entertainment Platform is intended for serving news, articles, music, video, TV shows and games to airplanes, trains and boats, where network connection is limited or unavailable.

The platform is designed to collect and republish informative and entertaining content to passengers on demand, while they are traveling.

The solution utilizes the "bring your own device" approach, providing all the benefits of a full entertainment package at low cost.


The solution consists of three main components, described below

On-Board Multimedia Server (OBMS)
OBMS is  a content server hosted on-board and is responsible of content delivery through an existing Wi-Fi installation

Management Console
Our central management system which allows you to collect, transform and assign specific content to selected vehicles or groups. 

Passenger's Device
The Wi-Fi routers connected to the OBMS, allow passengers to connect to the portal and get access to the supplied content.  A dedicated mobile app or a modern HTML5 browser can be used to access the portal.


Our Entertainment Platform, offers more than entertainment content. It makes travel a new exciting experience. 


News and Magazines

Republish informative articles from printed or electronic press.

Select from a number of internet newspapers and emagazines to add to the News And Magazines section you offer to your customers.

Passengers can choose what to read at their convenience, and download it onto their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Infotainment on demand

Reproduction of audiovisual material on demand.

Infotainment is more than just providing entertainment content like movies, music, ebooks and games to your passengers.  It is also another channel to share and communicate corporate information with passengers and collect their feedback used to advertise destinations.


Turn the trip into an adventure.

Select from a number of HTML5 games  or create your own branded games to offer to your passengers.

Passengers can choose a game through the games lobby, which includes casual games, games for kids, mind games and more.


History and statistics

Collect insights to impove your service.

The Entertainment platform collects and generates usage statistics on the content that is served, providing valueable insights.

This feedback enables operators to adjust and improve on-board service. 

Management Console 

Central management console includes the following major modules listed below.

Content Management

Overview dashboard of the main functions of the system.
Air-Time content viewing.
System usage analytics and passenger preferences.
Transformation of audiovisual material into the required forms.

Time planning - Time scheduling

Time Planning of Content Collection and content customization. 
Time scheduling and content delivery management. 

OBMS management & configuration

OBMS user management and system configuration.

Want to offer mobileFX™ Entertainment Platform to your business?



Whether a business owner or a mobile device's end-user, our Entertainment Platform will offer you a tone of benefits.


Improved Passenger Experience 

Users have a lot more options during their trip, which increases the attractiveness of the transport offer, from a marketing point of view.  Users like to be connected, and they are no longer content to simply reading.  In addition to that, the ability to provide information and advise the passenger on the next leg of their journey helps lighten the stress of the passengers and improves the overall passenger experience leading to obtaining and retaining more happy customers.



You can offer more entertainment options to your passengers. Each passenger can select the type of content to watch and the broadcast is always personalized and managed in real-time.    
Platform's modularity allows you to start with selected features and easily add new ones as you go, depending on your needs.


Brand Awareness

Raise your awareness by uploading corporate content, safety regulations, timetables, corporate videos and games.


Increase revenue

On board infotainment opens new oppotunities for revenue channels. Captive portals or Wi-Fi sing-up pages present reliable user viewability and can have great media display value. Travel guides can also be used to expand revenue.


Lower Costs

Our platform utilizes any existing Wi-Fi installation.
By providing a variety of audio and video content, passengers tend to use the Wi-Fi for social media and e-mails, which leads to lower costs in internet connection bills.  
Additionally, using a "bring your own device" approach, removes the cost of placing a screen on every seat and the complexity of mainenance such an installation arises. 


Monitization of Created Media Space

This can be done in different ways:
- Direct Sale on platform: like proposing tickets for excursions, snacks or other traditionail on board sales
- Indirect Sales on platform: by including and sell space to digital press.  A captive audience is looked for by advertising agencies.      


Enviroment Friendly

The "bring your own device" approach enables operators to reduce their fuel consumptions and carbon footprint, since it removes the additional weigth of installing screens on every seat. 


Insights and Surveys

The platform collects anonymous data such as content watched and user preferencies, which can be analysed in order to develop future content. 

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