mobileFX™ makes your Business Innovative|Simple|Customizable|Flexible|Easy|Profitable

mobileFX™ is a technology privately owned company founded on 2012, with offices in London and Athens.

Our mainstream business is provision of consulting, design and software development services for Gaming & Gamification, Mobile Marketing, Proximity Marketing and Digital Signage.

Our USP is that we design and develop end-to-end full-stack solutions, ranging from desktop and mobile apps to cloud application servers and content provision systems.

Our Customers

Our Customers.

Our customers vary from B2C small indie software houses integrating our components in their products, to B2B multinational corporations seeking expert opinion and consulting services for new business development projects, product architecture design, outsourced agile project management and product certification technical writing services.

Why choose Us?

What we do.

We invest heavily on emerging technologies with in-house R&D. We provide cutting-edge specialized technology and services for a vast array of niche markets including Telco Operators, Advertising Agencies, Media Shops, Public Sector, Transport Operators, Online Casino Operators, Tourist Operators, Cultural & Entertainment Venues and Solution Integrators.

Why choose Us?

Our commitment.

mobileFX™ has rich Community and Social engagement. We open source technology on GitHub, share knowledge by posting solutions on StackOverflow, publish technology white papers and share training material on the web.

We are professionals in technical writing for EU-funded cross-sectoral collaborative and urban development projects, such as Inno-Hubs and Technology Clusters.

mobileFX™ is a founding member and board member of gi-Cluster in Athens, a Gaming and Creative Content ecosystem counting over 60 corporate and academic members.

"With a growing global Network of Partners and Distributors, mobileFX™ guarantees innovative cutting-edge Technology!"

mobileFX™ as Technology Provider

mobileFX™ is a valuable technology provider with innovative and competitive in-house technology on Gaming & Gamification, Mobile Marketing, Proximity Marketing and Digital Signage. We provide personalized world-wide support whereas our continuous Research and Development assures your advantage by offering you today what will be available tomorrow.

mobileFX™ as Partner

mobileFX™ offers several white-label and co-branding collaboration and partnership schemes, flexible and competitive revenue-share business models and above all, we have established a world-wide brand which consumers identify as reliable.

mobileFX™ Solutions and Services

Business Services

  • Custom Solution Design
  • Digital Business Consulting
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Due Diligence Auditing
  • Certification Technical Writing

Gaming Solutions

  • Advergames Production
  • Casino Games Production
  • RNG Remote Game Servers
  • PAM / Wallet / Lobby Integrations
  • Game Mechanics Design

Mobile & Proximity Marketing

  • AR/VR/GPS Game Production
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Mobile Banking & Payments
  • Mobile Loyalty Card

B2B Software Products

  • i-Gaming RNG / RGS / Lobby Bundle
  • Digital Signage VLT Platform
  • Native / HTML5 Casino Games SDK
  • Mobile Ticketing Solution
  • Business Software Components