We design and develop end-to-end full-stack solutions, ranging from desktop and mobile apps to cloud application servers and content provision systems.

We invest in emerging technologies and AI with in-house R&D to offer you a rich portfolio of products and services.


mobileFX™ is a privately-owned technology company
founded on 2012, with offices in London and Athens


We provide cutting-edge specialized technology and services for a vast array of niche markets including Telco Operators, Advertising Agencies, Media Shops, Public Sector, Transport Operators, Online Casino Operators, Tourist Operators, Cultural & Entertainment Venues and Solution Integrators.

We invest heavily on emerging technologies with in-house R&D.


Our customers vary from B2C small indie software houses integrating our components in their products, to B2B multinational corporations seeking expert opinion and consulting services for new business development projects, product architecture design, outsourced agile project management and product certification technical writing services.



mobileFX™ has rich Community and Social engagement. We open source technology on GitHub, share knowledge by posting solutions on StackOverflow, publish technology white papers and share training material on the web.

We are professionals in technical writing for EU-funded cross-sectoral collaborative and urban development projects, such as Inno-Hubs and Technology Clusters.


Our mainstream business is the provision of software
design and development services for Gaming & Gamification,
Mobile Marketing, Proximity Marketing and Digital Signage

Software Development Services

We offer custom software development services by engaging innovative and emerging technologies as well as professional consulting services to help you build, sustain, and modernize your enterprise.

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Digital Strategy Services

Our digital strategy services enable your to keep up with digital technologies and incorporate them into your day-to-day business in order to remain competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

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Mobile Marketing Services

We design innovative mobile experiences that inspire people to discover new ways of enjoying life and relate brands with the digital age. We offer mobile marketing services and turn-key solutions.

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Game Studio Services

We have a long experience in designing and producing top-selling, high-quality games. We offer expert services ranging from Concept Design to complete Game Production.

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i-Gaming Services

Crafting thrilling experiences with our cutting-edge RGS GDK solution, our studio revolutionizes casino gaming, blending innovation and expertise for ultimate entertainment.

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mobileFX is founding member of gi-Cluster

gi-Cluster is a Gaming & Creative Technologies Cluster, with mission to become an innovation and business ecosystem

mobileFX™ Products

WebKitX ActiveX
Chromium Embedded Framework wrapper for OLE/COM programming languages.

End-to-End Rapid Prototyping Framework for i-Games and Game Studios.


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