Silverlining is a social solution, orchestrating food intelligence among individuals with allergies, in diet, suffering diabetes (Type I or II) with culinary servers such as restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, aviation catering e.t.c.


Culinary Establishments

The Silver Lining Platform addresses all food and culinary servers such as restaurants, hotel bars and cuisines, cruise ship and aviation catering and many more.

By purchasing Silver Lining services you gain access to the Silver Lining Platform which is a web-based solution in which you can login with your business/personal credentials.

The Platform is highly user friendly; the servers select the ingredients and quantities of their recipes and then state the amount per dish served. The Platform, automatically calculates the calories, the sugar levels and gathers information regarding all recipe-related allergens and nutrition facts along with lactose and gluten intolerance indicators and creates a QR code.

The server can also embed that QR code in menus, buffets etc.

Mobile Devices' End-Users

The Silver Lining Platform's application is a new eFood/eHealth/eWellness solution which provides mobile end-users with intelligent data, regarding the dish of their choice from all partnered Food Business Operators.

The Silver Lining Platform is a sophisticated web-based solution that carries data regarding calories, sugar levels, allergens, nutrition facts, lactose and gluten indicators for regular as well as international and exotic foods or ingredients.

The Silver Lining smartphone application is a proprietary smartapp which acts as a Quick Response (QR) scanner with benefits! All you have to do is open the application and scan the QR code provided by the food business operator. The application will inform you for the calories, sugar levels, nutrition facts, lactose/gluten intolerance indicators and if you have set an allergen alarm, it will alarm you when that allergen is present at any scanned recipe.


The Silver Lining Platform provides data for non-prefabricated food and the culinary industry via clouda  based platform and a smartphone application, assisting individuals with food-related ailments to collect decisive information before dinning.

Thorough database

More than 3,500 ingredients covering all groups of food from meat to poultry, fish, bread, pasta, dairy etc., including regular western and international cuisine such as chinese, indian, caribbean, greek and many more.

Intelligent data

All ingredients included in the Silver Lining Platform's database carry data regarding calorie, energy, sugar level, fat, carbohydrates, lactose and gluten indicators, nutrition facts and most importantly food allergens per ingredient!

User-friendly interface

All you have to do is navigate towards the groups of food, locate and select the fully described ingredients that most fit your recipe, add the portions of each ingredient and the quantity of each individual dish... and that's it.

Nutrition data QR generation

The Silver Lining Platform will calculate the total amount of calories, energy, carbohydrates and other nutrition facts of your dish and will generate a QR code containing that information along with all related allergens, lactose and gluten indications.

Personal/Business account

Sign up for a personal or business account and easily create your recipes 24/7, worldwide. Log on anytime from anywhere and gain access to your profile and saved recipe ingredients along with the ganerated QR code.

QR scanning

Allowing for multi-language preferences, regardless of country, the Silver Lining mobile app's scanner can obtain data from a scanned QR in the end-users’ preferred language due to the QR's proprietary encoding.

History and statistics

The Silver Lining mobile app, will hold historic data of all the dishes one selects on any cooperating culinary server and create stats regarding calories, energy, carbohydrates, nutrition facts and more.

Review and share recipes

The Silver Lining mobile app allows mobile devices' ened users to objectively review each recipe and culinary server only if a dish is selected. They can also share the Silverlining codes and reviews through the social media of their preference.


Our Silver Lining Platform will make sure everyone enjoys a nutritious, tasty meal, stress-free.


Whether a business owner or a mobile device's end-user, our Silver Lining Platform will offer you a tone of benefits.


Standardized food information

Silverlining addresses all non-prefabricated food and culinary servers, chefs and culinary artists in general that require a tool allowing them to make standard, archived, with integrity and available information regarding food information to their customers and raise awareness over food consumption from the aspect of health and wellness.


Expedition of data collection and diffusion

Allows food business operators to reduce the time of collecting all regulated information and making it available to dinners in a standard manner before ordering.


Conformity to regulations

Conform to national (Food Information Regulations 2014/1855) and European (Regulation No1169/2011 on the provision of Food Information to Consumers) statutory and regulatory obligations.


Increase revenue

Increase revenue by serving diners that were either affraid or relluctant to eat out due to health condition, while mitigating the risk and liability of acquiring information regarding possible food allergens in their dishes,


Community engagement and promotion

Raise awareness of the diners by making them part of the dissemination of food nutrition knowledge, while at the same time contributing to your brand's image and loyalty by raising the bar, set for social accountability. As a bonus, diners could also act as leads and become part of your advertisement campaign through social networks, promoting and suggesting your business.


Fair customer reviews

Get reviews as a food server only by people who actually frequent your establishment. These reviews are available upon scanning and selection of a QR and dish. That way we ensure that no external malicious reviews can be posted.


Food education

Allows mobile devices' end-users to become more intelligent regarding the food they are about to consume by supplying all related food nutrition data, calories, sugar levels etc. as well as help them shape their view and food choices in order to manage their consumption based on their personal health condition.


Nutrition monitoring and alerting

Mobile devices' end-users will be alerted if:
- an allergen they suffer from, is present in the selected dish (for individuals suffering from either a single or multiple food allergies), 
- calories/energy exceed the limit set by the user (for individuals in low calorie diet),
- fat exceeds the 20% of the total calories (for individuals in low fat diet), 
- cholesterol exceeds the limit set by the user (for individuals with high blood pressure in low cholesterol diet) 
- salt exceeds the limit set by the user (for individuals with high blood pressure),
- lactose and/or gluten non-free dish is selected (for individuals with either lactose or gluten intolerance), 
- carbonhydrates exceed the limit set by the user (for individuals with diabetes).


We have been running our Silver Lining Platform since 2019.




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