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RGS Solutions

Remote Game Server (RGS) is a solution for vendors and operators that enables implementation and distribution of on-line, mobile and server based gaming content. 

mobileFX™ specializes in the development of Game Engines for RGS servers and Par Sheet generation for Slot and Instant Win Games.

Lobby Design

mobileFX™ can design and deliver tailor-made HTML5 / CSS3 responsive Lobby web sites for both Desktop and Mobile browsers, as well as Native and/or Hybrid Lobby Apps for App Stores.

We offer integration services for Lobby to RGS integrations and Game to Lobby integrations.


mobileFX™ i-Game professionals specialize on Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licensed games and we offer technical consulting services for MGA pre-audit and audit.

We collaborate with independent Accredited Test Facilities (ATF) to verify that your games meet all the standards of the regulated markets.

Why choose mobileFX

We are experts in MGA game development and certification


Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is an important part of our work. mobileFX ensures that games are developed to the highest standards and meet the requirements set by regulators with a focus on fairness, player protection and security.


Game Security, Fairness and Accreditation

Our games are successfully tested and certified by independent accredited test facilities (ATF), which verify that our products meet all the regulations of the regulated markets, including player protection, fairness and security.


Player Protection

We can fully implement any Player Protection API in our games and implement Play Limits, Bet Limits, Reality Checks, Localized Messages, Self-Exclusion, Session Timeouts, Replay & Resume Features, Game History and Game Speed throttling, thus making game-play safer.

i-Game Services

mobileFX™ gaming studio takes you from concept design to turn-key games portfolio

Instant Win & Slot Games

mobileFX™ has experience in making top-selling, high quality instants and slots, and the strategic know-how to make them work.

We provide full service, from strategy and consultancy to concept design and build.

We have developed technology for porting Flash games to HTML5 and we can help you create a new portfolio or port your existing one to new technologies.

Create once, run everywhere!

With mobileFX™ Coconut2D Adaptive Scaling technology we can design games for any screen resolution and aspect ratio.

With our award-winning cross-compilation technology we can deliver games that run on any platform.

The same game is delivered as a web package for desktop and mobile HTML5 browsers and as a C++ native bundle for iOS, Android and VLT/SST devices.

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mobileFX™ Products

mobileFX™ Coconut2D
Rapid prototyping IDE for HTML5 games         

WebKitX ActiveX
Chromium Embedded Framework wrapper for OLE/COM programming languages.

PassBookX ActiveX
Passbook generator for OLE/COM programming languages.


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