mobileFX™ Game Studio professionals have long experience in Game Production. We offer expert services ranging from Concept Design to complete Game Production for Advergames, i-Games, Casual Games and Educational Games.

Game Titles

Turn-key Game Production Services

mobileFX™ has experience in designing and producing top-selling, high quality games. We provide full service, from strategy and consultancy to concept design and build. We have developed technology for porting Flash games to HTML5 and we can help you create a new portfolio or port your existing one to new technologies.

Multi-channel Development

We can design games for any screen resolution and aspect ratio, and with our award-winning cross-compilation technology we can deliver games that run on any platform. The same game is delivered as a web package for desktop and mobile HTML5 browsers and as a C++ native bundle for iOS, Android and x86 VLT devices.

Responsible Gaming & Certification

mobileFX™ ensures that games are developed to the highest standards and meet the requirements set by regulators with a focus on fairness, player protection and security. We can collaborate with independent Accredited Test Facilities (ATF) to verify that our games meet all the standards of the regulated markets. We can fully implement any Player Protection API for Play Limits, Reality Checks, Localized Messages, Self-Exclusion, Session Timeouts, Replay & Resume Features, Game History and Game Speed throttling.

In-house Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing

  • Unit Testing for testing of individual functions by mocking input and examining for expected output.
  • Integration Testing for testing game clients over remote game server engines (RGS).
  • Functional Testing for testing game use case scenarios.
  • Regression Testing for testing minor or major changes do not break existing functionality.
  • 2nd & 3rd Level Support for back-to-back SLA and professional support of post-production issues.
  • On-Device-Debug (ODD) and performance optimizations for selected Android and iOS deveices.
  • Formal versioning using git / git flow.

mobileFX - Game Studio Experts

our special game ops team is ready to fight for your success

Game Producer

Video game producer is the person in charge of overseeing development of a video game, speaks with the customer and makes sure the dealines are met.

Game Designer

Game Designers devise what a game consists of, how it plays and communicate this to the rest of the development team who create the art assets and computer code.

Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers are familiar with all layers in software development and have functional knowledge to integrate a game with a remote game server.

Game UI/UX Developer

Game developers compose the UI/UX of the game by linking code with graphical assets and audio. They are involved end-to-end in all aspects in game creation.

Art Director

Art director is responsible for reviewing all art assets for quality and supervises teams of artists, animators, and designers from concept to ship date.

Audio Composer

Audio composers create the soundtrack for a game, including music, sound effects, action sounds, character voices, voice-overs and ambient effects.

Game Artist

Artists create 2D art, such as, concept art, sprites, textures and environment backdrops; and 3D art, such as, models, characters, objects and level layout.

Game 2D/3D Artist

Animators are responsible for the portayal of movement and behavior that give life to game characters, creatures, scenery and environmental effacts.

Game Tester

Testers thoroughly examine games for defects by running over and over again test scenarios and use cases on various computers, smartphones and tablet devices.


Take advantage of Rapid Prototyping Technology and develop breath-taking Multimedia Applications and Games!

Coconut2D is an Integrated Development Environment that looks and works a lot like Flash, offering you a Scene Designer and a 2D Animation Model. You can bind Clips with Classes and program your game logic using Finite State Machines (FSM).

Coconut2D integrates both with Google Chrome and node.js allowing you to write and debug both the client and the server code of your games.

"Imagine JavaScript with classes, inheritance, virtualization, strong type system, interfaces, FSM entities, game loop semantics with cross-compilation to C++. Now open your eyes to mobileFX Coconut2D."
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