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mobileFX™ DigiSign is a digital signage platform for remotely deploying and managing in-retail and outdoor advertising campaigns.

mobileFX™ DigiSign

The product is especially designed for robustness in order to serve demanding applications for in-retail installations and utilizes the latest content rendering technologies such as HTML5 and WebGL.

The platform offers reliable airtime management services for small, medium and large scale deployments, over both low-bandwidth (3G/4G) and high-bandwidth LAN/WAN networks, and real-time monitoring and analytics.

Interactive Kiosks
Interactive Kiosks
Games & Gamification
Games & Gamification
Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
In-Retail Infotainment
In-Retail Infotainment

The future of out-of-home advertising is the combination of Digital Signage and Proximity Marketing as both technologies complement each other into a powerful marketing tool that can reach consumers in ways that were never possible before. At a glance, proximity technologies can detect when consumers approach a location and broadcast personalized advertising campaigns. For example, they can pop-up offers and QR coupons on digital signage displays while consumers are passing by, or push multimedia content and branded apps directly onto consumers smartphone using Bluetooth beacons or Push Notifications.

DigiSign features were based on real commercial and marketing needs and the software was designed for industrial-class hardware that can deliver reliably your campaigns. It is an interoperable, easy to deploy and cost effective solution ideal for Malls, Shopping Centers, Airports, Cinemas, Retail Chains, Stadiums, Public Transportation, Hotels, Bus Stops, Clubs, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc. The managing and administration consoles provided are intuitive, marketing-team- and IT-team- friendly, offering fast campaign design, scheduled deployments, auditing, real-time analytics and interconnection with CRM systems.

DigiSign Manager DigiSign Server

Server & Networking

  • Robust software for heavy-duty campaigns
  • Auditing & Security features
  • Airtime recording, billing and reporting
  • Real-time player monitoring
  • Bandwidth throttling for QoS-LAN serving
  • Built-in DHCP Server, Web Server, SFTP Server
  • Multi-tenant isolation
  • Automatic player configuration
  • Load Balancing with Master - Slave server mode
  • Advanced Networking Configuration
  • Compatible with VPN networks

Campaigns Designer

  • User friendly campaign designer
  • Outlook-calendar-like campaign scheduling
  • Both Landscape and Portrait campaign design
  • Supports import of over 30+ image formats
  • Direct DTP graphics import and re-sampling
  • Slideshow rotator with 100+ animations
  • QRCode generator for Instant Win Campaigns
  • Twitter widget for real-time tweets
  • Visual playlist editor in tree and thumbs modes
  • Design-time campaign preview
  • Super-fast video thumbs and preview
  • Player Grouping and Sub-Grouping
  • Content house-keeping features

Campaign Monitoring

  • Real-time player status monitoring
  • Vast Array of Remote Player Commands
  • Remote Editing of Player Configuration
  • Player TV On/Off Monitoring
  • Remote software monitor adjustments
  • Player real-time TV Display Monitoring
  • Player interactive campaign engagement analytics
  • Advanced statistics retrieval with query designer
  • Statistics filtering and sorting
  • Export to EXCEL Spreadsheet

Digital Signage Player

  • Excellent performance on low-cost Intel Atom CPU
  • Full Screen display with aspect ratio enforcement
  • Fully supported HTML5 and Flash Rendering
  • Video rendering supporting all known video codecs
  • Support for Touch Screen and Touch Film
  • Auto-start & auto-login functionality
  • Auto-server discovery and configuration
  • Background campaign content updates

Supported Technologies

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