The third generation of digital signage brings lots of interactivity features powered by modern motion capture hardware and artificial intelligence. Users are able to interact with the advertisement, scroll through the menus, receive infotainment content on their smartphones, play advergames, or share their information online.



Digital signage in restaurants is used both indoors and outdoors through interactive screens that rotate menu details and promotional offers.

Take-away and drive-in restaurants use interactive digital signage for self-ordering with credit card processing or mobile payment feature.

Shopping Malls

Digital signage is widely used in shopping malls as a form of directory or map display.

Uses of digital signage include wayfinding kiosks, enabling the customers to find their path through an interactive touchscreen and promotional kiosks that display current offers or gamification campaigns.

Retail Shops

In-Retail Digital signage is used to entice passersby with interactive window-screens that aim to attract crowds to events and enhance visitor experience by making it memorable.

In-Retail digital signage is also used to eliminate waiting queues either with self-checkout or telematics.

Hospitality & Tourism

The hospitality industry uses digital signage to display crucial information at a convenient and visible location for all its patrons.

A digital signage is capable of functioning as a virtual concierge in hotels and as entertainment for conferences during waiting room.

Cinemas & Theaters

Digital signage in cinemas is placed in the lobby, concession stands and displays advertisement before the movie begins.

This informs customers about other theater offerings and scheduling, and gains other sources of revenue.


Transportation is a growing sector for digital signage with practical solutions such as ticket issuing with self-service terminals capable of processing payments.

Additional digital signage usage in transportation is wayfinding and out-of-home advertising.



The interactive digital signage opens up the ability to collect personalized information and drives customer loyalty

In-Retail Infotainment

Digital Signage screens like LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores and corporate buildings, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, pharmacies, museums, etc. 

Outdoor Advertising

Digital Signage advertising is a form of out-of-home advertising in which content and messages are displayed to provide targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. This is often called "digital out of home" or DOOH. 

Interactive Kiosks

A Digital Signage System can be either standalone with time-programmed content, or networked as a "hub" of a larger digital signage network, distributed in multiple locations (such as stores, floors, spaces, squares, etc). 

Games & Gamification

A most important element of the Digital Signage is the possibility of interaction offered between the consumer and a brand, as it allows further involvement of consumer information - advertising through touch screens and surfaces and special interactive content such as animations, menu categories and games. 


mobileFX Digital Signage Software utilizes the latest and most innovative technologies such as HTML5 and WebGL

DigiSign™ Server & Networking

• Robust software for heavy-duty campaigns
• Auditing & Security features
• Airtime recording, billing and reporting
• Real-time player monitoring
• Bandwidth throttling for QoS-LAN serving
• Built-in DHCP Server, Web Server, SFTP Server
• Multi-tenant isolation with multiple servers on same HW
• Automatic player configuration
• Load Balancing with Master - Slave server mode
• Advanced Networking Configuration
• Compatible with VPN networks 

DigiSign™ Campaigns Designer Features

• User friendly campaign designer
• Outlook-calendar-like campaign scheduling
• Both Landscape and Portrait campaign design
• Supports import of over 30+ image formats
• Direct DTP graphics import and re-sampling to 96 dpi
• Slideshow rotator with 100+ animations
• QRCodes generator for Instant Win Campaigns
• Twitter widget for real-time tweets
• Visual playlist editor in tree and thumbs modes
• Design-time campaign preview
• Super-fast video thumbs and preview
• Player Grouping and Sub-Grouping
• Content house-keeping features  

DigiSign™ Player Features

• Built-in royalty-free option of adding your company's logo
• Excellent performance on low-cost Intel Atom CPU
• Full Screen display with optional aspect ratio enforcement
• Fully supported HTML5 and Flash Rendering
• DirectX video rendering supporting all video codecs
• DirectShow supporting any Web Camera or TV tuner
• Support for Touch Screen and Touch Film
• Auto-start & auto-login functionality
• Auto-server discovery and configuration
• Background campaign content updates 

DigiSign™ Campaign Monitoring Features

• Real-time player status monitoring
• Vast Array of Remote Player Commands
• Remote Editing of Player Configuration
• Player TV On/Off Monitoring
• Remote software monitor adjustments
• Player real-time TV Display Monitoring
• Player interactive campaign engagement analytics
• Advanced statistics retrieval with query designer
• Statistics filtering and sorting
• Export to EXCEL Spreadsheet


We offer digital signage concept design and production services for advertising and gamification campaigns. We love creating and implementing unique and innovative marketing solutions that increase audience engagement


Benefits of digital signage in relation to the classical signs



Content can be updated quickly, easily scheduled including future advertising campaigns and promotions.
Can be adapted to the general public and the place and time of display.
Can display animations, videos and other multimedia content, and messages from social networks like Twitter tweets, RSS Feeds, Facebook status, etc.
Provides opportunities for interaction with the consumer (touch screen, Bluetooth, etc.). 



It’s a technological solution that despite the initial installation costs significantly reduces the advertising costs in the long term, acts as a catalyst in helping smaller advertising budgets while maximizing the communication and distribution of messages to consumers, boosting brand awareness.
Provides measurable results in the relation [display + advertising] / sales. 



It is a green solution. consists of innovative features and cutting-edge communication technology. 


We provide Digital Signage services since 2007


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